Genius Hour week 2

This week we made a website for our genius hour.  We have so far put tips and tricks on their and will be adding more things to our website. So far we have learned about all the different tips and tricks you can have when baking and we have learned a lot about how to do things different than we used to when baking. We have also thought about putting some surveys on there to see all the different things people like but we haven’t yet. We took a survey around our class to see what tips and tricks other people knew or their family knew that they knew we got a lot of different answers and some of the didn’t know any. We got a lot of good ones and some weird ones and some we didn’t get any from. We have had a good experience so far and we have learned a lot we didn’t know before.

Genius Hour

For my genius hour my partner and I are doing baking. Some things I have learned form my blog would be new tips and tricks when baking and when trying to make your own recipes. I have also learned it is not as easy as you think it is when trying to come up with your own recipe and come up with what to put together and how much you need of each ingredient to put in the cookie. Another thing I learned is all the crazy cookies around the world that people have made and all the weird names that they call them. Some obstacles we have over come were trying to get past what kind of cookie and how we are going to bake it and all the ingredients. The next thing we are going to move on to do is pick out what kind of cookie and what ingredients we are going to put in it. Also we are going to find out how long we have to bake it and what we have to do. today Right now we are mainly doing all the research and to know how to do things but we are almost done. After that we will be finding out what kind of cookie we will be doing and how much we need to put in it and where we are going to cook it and we have to take a survey of our class to make sure people aren’t alergect to anything in it.

Western Iowa Tech

I went to Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City. The best part about my trip was we got to see some of the rooms and where they hang out and all the things they can do in the dorms. One thing that surprised me was the dorms, they were really small and didn’t have that much space to do anything. I was thinking they would have a big living room and all that with how big we thought they looked but they were actually really small to what I thought they would look like. I don’t think I would or will go to college because, the dorms are really small for 4 people to live in them and the college doesn’t really have what I want to do there. When we first got there we looked at all the different class rooms and what they were for. Some of the rooms we went to were culinary arts, mechanics, dental, and robotics. We also go to see where everybody cooked there food and where they hung out if there were other people in their room or if there is no t.v. in their room. We also got to see where they did their laundry. It was a really cool college to see.

Washington D.C.

On my spring break I went to Washington D.C. for a school trip. We went and seen a lot of neat things and learned a lot of new things I never knew before. We went at the perfect time when the cherry blossoms we blooming and they were very very pretty. Its a great opportunity to go and see all the neat things and learn about the history of them. Some things we went and seen we the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Gefferson Memorial, The Capitol, and we got to stand outside of the White House. I learned so many things from going on this trip and they were so cool. One of my favorite places was the Washington Monument, we even got to ride in an elevator all the way to the top and look at the cool views. I also like the Holocaust Museum it was very sad to see all the thing that happened but it was cool to actually see some of the stuff from it. The newest monument they built was the MLK JR. and it is very cool. I think this was one of the best spring breaks I have had in a long time. If I had a chance to go there again I would in a heart beat.2470618437_af353ec937_z


I evaluated my blog a 8. I have wrote 9 blogs. They were all written for the blog student challenge. I received 3 comments by my teacher. The blog I wrote about someone special had the most comments, because some people can relate to me and what happened. I liked writing the blog about nature and animals because I like animals and I learned something I did´t know about some animals. I did not change my blog themes at all because I just didn´t feel like it. I don’t have any widgets, I don’t think its enough. I don’t think I have any i’m still a little new to this blog so I don’t have a lot of things. I didn’t really use any because I guess I’m kinda boring.

Wild Hunt!!

Elephants are my favorite animals. They live in Africa and India, and are in zoos in America. I like them because they are so pretty and big. They can weigh between 6,000 – 16,000 pounds. They are really big but I like them. When I was about 7 years old I rode one at the zoo and at a circus. There ears feel weird but they are cool. There ears are kinda rough but so is there whole body pretty much.African elephants eat as much as 660 pounds in a single day. The smaller Indian elephants eat as much as 330 pounds a single day.

An adult only eats about 4 pounds a day so that seems a lot compared to what we eat. African elephants can drink as much as 50 gallons a single day. Their keepers feed them cabbage, lettuce, sugar cane, apples, and bananas and other fruits and vegetables. Elephants are the largest lands animals on Earth. Elephant can live to be over 70 years old. The average elephant hearts weighs about 27 to 46 pounds. Elephants skin are 1 inch thick.

Giraffe are another one of my favorites. They live in Africa and are also in zoos around the world. I like going to the Blank Park Zoo and feeding the giraffes, they are so cool and cute. It is kinda cool how they eat with their tongue. They stick it out and you out the lettuce up to their mouth and they wrap their tongue around it and grab it and eat it. Giraffes don´t have upper teeth and instead they have a ¨dental pad,¨ a lump of tough tissues against the lower incisiors pinch their food as they eat. To eat a giraffe takes a branch in its mouth and tears off the leaves by pulling its head away.

Normally a giraffe will eat about 66 pounds of food a day. Giraffes sleep far less than most mammals and spend nearly all of their time eating (16-20 hours a day). Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. They only need to drink once every few days. They get most of their water from the plants they eat.

BY: Pius Mahimbi

BY: Pius Mahimbi

Julian Mason

Julian Mason


Blogs I went to!

I visited Penelope blog. She is 8 years old. She is from Australia. Her blog post is about smoking and things that it can do to you and all the affects of it. I like her post because she put facts and information about smoking and what happens when you trough it on the ground.

I visited Daisy blog. She is 7 years old. She is from China. Her blog post is about a popular food in China which is Dumpling. I like her post because I have ate dumpling before and it is really good.

I visited Kyla blog. She is 11 years old. She is from Australia. Her blog is about a popular food in Australia which is Tim Tams. They sounded really good.

I visited Connor blog. He is 12 years old. He is from Canada. His blog is about how to decorate your house. It sounds like a good idea I think I might try it sometime becaause it sound like ti would be kinda scary and a good idea



Popular food

One of the most popular food I think is Mac and cheese. A lot of kids and adults eat it for a meal or for snacks. I think it is the best food to make if you are in a hurry and have somewhere to go it only takes 10 minutes max. I eat it a lot and so does my dad. It is good with hot dogs and just about anything. Everybody I know likes mac and cheese and eats it. My family eats it often because we are always busy and it is easy to make. I don’t really know what else to write about it I pretty much wrote everything about it. BYE!


How I celebrate Halloween. Every year me and my dad go to the Apple Orchard and get pumpkins and mess around out there and do the fun stuff. Then we get stencils and clean out the pumpkin. Then we carve them and set them on our front stairs and put candles in them. On Halloween night we light them up and before people come we walk around with our puppies and check out the decorations. When its time we sit outside and hand out candy and sometimes we scare them. We usually decorate and put lights up and sometimes walk around and get some candy from people. After the trick or treat is over we go to my uncles shop and have a big party with family and stay up late and just be crazy! That how we do our Halloween!!!!

Someone special

On July 26,2015 was the worst day of my life. I received the worst new, my mom had passed away. I did not know what to do I was scared and sad and mixed emotions. It was hard to deal with and it still is sometimes I don´t know what i´m gonna do and how i´m gonna go on without her. She did everything for me and my dad it just doesn´t seem real it just seems like a nightmare. I choose to do a picture of a pig because her maiden name was Bacon, and she really loved pigs. At home we have everything pig we have pig stuff in the kitchen window, pig stuff in our picture cabinet, there everywhere. She really loved pigs, my cousin´s husband own a pig farm and we would go out there and play with them and sort them. It was a lot of fun.

She was involved in a car accident, she was a passenger. The driver which is my family´s friend Chad was driving an something was wrong with the car and he lost control and hit a pole and then the car rolled. He was ejected from the car because he didn´t have a seat belt on and my mom did but it was so bad that the seat belt didn´t save her. There was also another passenger my cousin´s girlfriend which made it. My mom and Chad were the only people that did not make it.

It has been really hard these last few months without her but I think everything will be okay, but it is going to be hard. We have a lot of friends and family that can help us if we need anything. I think in the end everything will be okay.